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Key points about your Mexico auto insurance policy

Learn more about what your actual Mexico auto insurance policy has to offer. Click here to download the full insurance conditions document, by HDI Seguros.

  1. Third Party Liability – Combined Single Limit CSL - This coverage protects the insured from Bodily Injury and Property damage claims and fulfills the legal requirement in Mexico to have proof of financial responsibility. Limits up to $500,000 are available. We recommend you select no less than $100,000 since this coverage includes both property damage and bodily injury. If you are involved in an accident incurring damages to an "expensive" vehicle and / or hurt someone, the lowest limits may fail to protect you.
  2. Physical Damage - Covers material damages to the insured's vehicle as a result of collision, overturning or glass breakage. Note: this coverage does not include partial theft or vandalism.
  3. Total Theft/Fire – Covers total theft of your vehicle up to the actual cash value and not to exceed the limit on the policy. Also included are coverage for fire, lighting, explosion and specified natural disasters.
  4. Medical Expenses - This coverage will pay medical expenses for the driver and occupants of the vehicle for injuries sustained in the event of a covered loss. There are various limits available up to $100,000 for all occupants.
  5. Legal Assistance - Provides for a Mexican attorney service for representation and defense for the driver with the relevant authorities as a consequence of a road accident while traveling in the authorized vehicle, from the moment he/she is detained or subject to the authorities or public prosecutor, to the conclusion of the legal process. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  6. Bail Bond - Covers the amount of the bail bond guarantee up to the limit of Liability (CSL) stated on the policy.
  7. Travel Assistance - Various types of roadside assistance are included in the auto policy such as towing due to a mechanical breakdown.
  8. GAP Coverage - This coverage is offered separately and allows for the lienholder to be paid an additional amount should you owe more than the Actual Cash Value (ACV) in the event of a total loss. We recommend purchase of this coverage. Certain fees and interest are not included.
  9. Premiere Package - Provides additional coverage for vandalism and partial theft that is not included in standard coverage. Vandalism coverage is subject to a $500 deductible and partial theft has a maximum coverage of $3,000 with a $1,000 deductible. For partial theft coverage, all equipment and parts must be originally installed by the manufacturer or an authorized manufacturer dealer. Proof of equipment and parts installed is required.
  10. Autoguard - Provides the insured vehicle with property damage of up to $5,000 or the actual cash value of the vehicle, whichever is less. A $250 deductible applies per incident. An accident report from the legal authorities in Mexico must be presented to the insurance company when placing a claim. This coverage is only available only on liability policies.