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Mexico Importation Information

Mexico Vehicle Permits
Mexico requires that all vehicles entering the interior be imported on a temporary basis (Importacion Temporal de Vehiculo). The Temporary Vehicle Permit can be obtained online in advance, if time permits, at the Banjercito website. It is suggested you purchase your permit online with a 15 day lead time to receive the permit. You can always obtain the permit at a Banjerito location at the Mexico border offices.

The Temporary Vehicle Permit is not necessary if you are only traveling in the border zone areas, the Sonora free zone or the Baja Peninsula. The border zones are usually 25 kms from the border crossing.

Temporary Import Permit Documentation Requirements
The following original documents (and two photo copies*) are required to secure the vehicle permit:
  1. Original Title or Registration - The owner is considered NAME or NAMES on the title. Even if in the same family, vehicle permits may be denied.
  2. Original Proof of Citizenship - You will need your passport for proof of citizenship.
  3. Credit Card - The credit card must be in same name as on the title and the same person that is taking in vehicle to Mexico. The fee is roughly $44.00 USD and is charged to the credit card. NO cash is accepted for car permit. ATM cards might NOT be accepted. NO BORROWED CAR OR BORROWED CARD. REMEMBER YOU ARE "IMPORTING" CAR INTO MEXICO.
  4. Valid Driver's License - Your Driver's License must have the same name as on the Car Title and Credit Card used for payment.
  5. Individual Tourist Permits -Permits are about $30.00 dollars and can be paid in PESOS or US DOLLARS.
  6. Letter of Permission – If your vehicle is financed, rented, leased company-owned or if in a school, college, or church name, you will need a letter of permission from the owner, or lienholder (company letterhead). It is preferable to have the letter NOTARIZED, but faxes have been accepted.
IMPORTANT: Vehicle permits must be returned at any ADUANA/TOURIST OFFICE at ANY BORDER before expiration date of permits. Failure to return permits will result in heavy fines and/or denial of entry into Mexico.

Temporary Vehicle Import Deposit
In addition to the temporary import permit, a deposit is required. The deposit must be paid in cash or by credit card (in the same name as title) and is based on the vehicle model year. The deposit amounts are as follows:
  • 2007 or newer $400.00 USD
  • 2001 - 2006 - $300.00 USD
  • 2000 or older - $200.00 USD
IMPORTANT: The refund of this deposit is made when the temporary tourist permit is returned or cancelled, before the expiration date. If the vehicle is not returned for permit cancellation by the expiration date, the deposit is forfeited and denial of future entry into Mexico is possible. The cancellation does not have to be done at the original entry point.

*Subject to change without notice